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Fabric Awnings

Sun Shade Fabric Applications

Hendee Enterprises, Inc. offers fabric awnings to fit any commercial application. We can design and custom manufacture awnings with either aluminum or steel frames. The fabric options include Sunbrella canvas, as well as PVC solid vinyl. Our fabrication capabilities also include graphics, in which your company name, logo or business address can be added.

Awnings are a great feature to add architectural appeal to your storefront, while also helping with energy efficiency and reducing heat. If you would like pricing, please complete the “How to Measure Awnings” sheet to send over your dimensions for a quote.

Shade Sail Structures

The shade sail is a functional, artistic, application of the Sunveil product line. These sails can be creatively used in countless ways. From dressing up a restaurant’s outdoor seating area to creating sun protection for children on a playground, the Sunveil shade sail is ideal for projects that require a little extra flair.

Cantilever Structures

Full Cantilever

Full cantilever shade structures are ideal for areas in which shade is needed however, a clear span is required to prevent obstruction of views and the prevention of objects from hitting the posts. The full cantilever shade structure has a simple hip & ridge roof design and back posts which support a free span of typically 18’ in projection.

The full cantilever structure has a unique design that lends itself well to covered parking, bleacher covers, pools, or any application that has limited mounting options. Because the cantilever consists of only two posts, there is less ground area needed to mount these structures, all while providing an enormous amount of shade.

T-Post Cantilever

The T-Post cantilever shade structure is the perfect solution for covering smaller bleacher areas. The design allows for two posts on each end of the bleacher stand to prevent obstructing the view, while still allowing maximum shade coverage to the spectators. The structure has a simple hip & ridge roof style design and can be utilized in applications such as picnic areas, over swing sets, tennis courts, baseball and softball fields, as well as other sports courts.

Our patented Easy Slide Tensioning device is the perfect optional feature, which allows for the easy removal and re-installation of the fabric covers.

Arched Cantilever

Arched cantilever shade structures offer the same features and benefits of the full cantilever shade structure however, it has a sleeker and more architecturally appealing design. The roof of the arched cantilever structure has a lower front and back profile, with a raised curved pitch in the middle. The structure consists of two posts, which allows for a clear span and less ground area for installation.

This design is great for executive parking areas, pools, driving ranges and sports and recreational facilities.