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100 Series, 500 Series

Series 100 Diamond Screen

The 100 Series Diamond Screen is a smart solution for protecting all windows and doors in your home from the destruction caused by hurricanes and violent storms. This extremely light weight but rugged woven polymer will store small but offers BIG protection from wind-blown debris and prevents high winds from entering the home that can cause roof lift-off. The reinforced corners mean extra strength where engineering and testing shows the most severe loads are distributed; you find this feature ONLY in the Series 100 Diamond Screen.

The 100 Series screen utilizes a grommet design and can be anchored directly to your building with approved hardware or a track system. Second floor windows can be easily protected without risking injury from lifting heavy plywood or metal panels on a ladder. The Force 12™ Series 100 Diamond Screen is light weight and can be installed in minutes per opening and will protect your windows, without hurting your back or wallet.

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight and easy to install, remove and store.
  • Translucent from the inside, so you will never be left in the dark again.
  • Can be designed to fit “odd shaped” openings.
  • Optional zipper application can be added as an “emergency exit.”
  • Reinforced corners add extra strength where load is more severe.

Series 500 Strap/Buckle Screen

The Force 12™ Series 500 product is a strap/buckle screen, which is manufactured using 100% polypropylene fabric and has 6,000 lb webbing attached at the loop as well as strap placements for reinforcement.   Installation of the screens can either be a direct mount attachment with stainless steel drop-in anchors or our patented C-Track system, along with ½” stainless steel eyebolts.  When the screen is tensioned, it can withstand impacts that could shatter a concrete wall. 

The 500 Series system is a lightweight, easy to install, easy to store, flexible wind abatement screen that prevents glass breakage.  The result is a protection system that affords the strongest window protection from hurricane conditions available. Infinite span widths are available and this durable fabric hurricane protection has a significant degree of translucence, which helps prevent that boxed in feeling when the storm protection material is in place outside windows and doors. 

  • Guards against hurricane force wind, driving rain and prevents window breakage.
  • Translucent, lightweight; yet rugged screens which are great for covering larger spans such as garage doors, balconies and lanais.
  • Adjustable straps allow you to securely fasten and tension the screen.
  • Installed with patented “C-Track” system and ½” stainless steel hardware for maximum attachment strength.
  • Can be designed with an optional “emergency exit” system which allows for quick escape.