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Grain Processing

Grain Processing

Hendee Enterprises is a leader in the manufacture of Express Wrap and fumigation pouches for the grain processing industry.  These products keep contaminants out of the railcar during the fumigation process and transport.  These products are easy to use and install.

Hendee has manufactured these products to be a single use item to avoid cross contamination and damage to equipment.

Products that Hendee manufactures

Express Wrap ™  - Hopper Car Seal

  • Provides a 100% seal to contain fumigant
  • Self-contained product that has food grade adhesive already applied
  • Leaves no residue on the lip of the railcar
  • Each roll is 38” wide and 255’ long
  • Use with a Fumigant Pouch to complete the package
  • Installation complete in 12 minutes
  • Patent Pending

Top Hatch Seal

  • High clarity polyethylene seal allows inspection without removing seal
  • 2 sizes available: 30” and 40” 
  • Includes a safety loop on the 30” seal to assist in attaching to the hatch

Top Hatch Filter

  • Protect against contaminants by filtering incoming air as the product is vacuum unloaded.  Using this filter during transport and unloading will extend your control over product purity.
  • Does not increase unloading time
  • Elastic band for snug fit
  • 3 media choices available 
  • Includes a safety loop to assist in attaching to the hatch

Combo Filter/Seal​

  • Film seal prevents contamination and moisture gain during transit and storage
  • Film seal automatically splits when unloading begins and remaining filter allows air flow while preventing airborne contamination
  • Filter remains in place ensuring filtered airflow thru railcar during unloading
  • Includes a safety loop to assist in attaching to the hatch

Security Seals

  • Variety of security seals available (max seal, bolt seal, sicher seal, all seal, flat metal seal, key cable seal, double loop cable seal, plastic seal
  • Used to deter theft and to prevent any product tampering
  • Customizing available (name, special numbering sequence)