Series 500 Strap/Buckle Screen

The Force 12™ Series 500 product is a strap/buckle screen, which is manufactured using 100% polypropylene fabric and has 6,000 lb webbing attached at the loop as well as strap placements for reinforcement.   Installation of the screens can either be a direct mount attachment with stainless steel drop-in anchors or our patented C-Track system, along with ½” stainless steel eyebolts.  When the screen is tensioned, it can withstand impacts that could shatter a concrete wall. 

The 500 Series system is a lightweight, easy to install, easy to store, flexible wind abatement screen that prevents glass breakage.  The result is a protection system that affords the strongest window protection from hurricane conditions available. Infinite span widths are available and this durable fabric hurricane protection has a significant degree of translucence, which helps prevent that boxed in feeling when the storm protection material is in place outside windows and doors. 

  • Guards against hurricane force wind, driving rain and prevents window breakage.
  • Translucent, lightweight; yet rugged screens which are great for covering larger spans such as garage doors, balconies and lanais.
  • Adjustable straps allow you to securely fasten and tension the screen.
  • Installed with patented “C-Track” system and ½” stainless steel hardware for maximum attachment strength.
  • Can be designed with an optional “emergency exit” system which allows for quick escape.