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Sun, Rain, Wind, Hurricane and Industrial Protection for Commercial and Residential Property.

Hendee Enterprises specializes in creating exceptional products and structures that protect you from the harsh elements of the environment. We offer a broad spectrum of products for sun, rain, wind, flood, and hurricane protection, which we have developed through years of research, study, and careful design.

Hendee Enterprises, Inc. has been providing Filtration and Seal barrier products to the industrial market from the beginning. Initially, the markets served by Hendee's Industrial sales were to the railcar and truck transport bulk material handling industries. The continued search for new product development has led to the manufacturing of non-woven filter cloths for wet and dry filtration. Therefore becoming the leader in supplying the paint and ink manufacturing industry with antistatic plastic tank and mixer covers. In 2014, Hendee applied for two patents on the newest railcar seal and fumigation sleeve that was developed based on a specific need in the industry.

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Hurricane Screens

Protect Your Home with Force 12® Hurricane Screens from Hendee Enterprises

Anyone who lives along the Gulf Coast can tell you about the destruction that can result from a hurricane. In most cases, people used plywood or metal panels to protect their homes. But often times, these prove ineffective against the forces of nature. Force 12® Hurricane screens from Hendee Enterprises can provide superior protection from the winds and debris associated with hurricanes. Made out of 100 percent polypropylene basket woven fabric, the Force 12® Hurricane screens will deflect dangerous flying debris and can reduce hurricane force winds down to a breeze on the screen's opposite side. They will protect your home in ways plywood and metal never could. Do not get caught this hurricane season without hurricane protection from Hendee Enterprises.

For more about hurricane screens at Hendee Enterprises.

Tank Covers

Protect Inside Your Tanks with Tank Covers from Hendee Enterprises Industrial Division

When you need the right kind of protection for what is inside your storage tank, choose tanks covers from Hendee Enterprises Industrial Division. Our tank covers are available in different sizes and will fit most standard openings. Custom-made sizes can be made if you require something beyond the standard size. Hendee Enterprises Industrial Division provides excellent tanks covers that will protect both people and the environment from the tank's contents as well as protecting the contents from the environment. They are disposable so there is no need to clean them as you would heavy metal lids. In addition to tank covers, Hendee Enterprises Industrial Division also offers mixer covers , railcar seals and filters, and industrial filtration products.

For more about tanks covers at Hendee Enterprises.

Shade Canopy

Receive Quality Protection with a Shade Canopy from Hendee Enterprises

A SunVeil shade canopy from Hendee Enterprises will provide protection from the harsh elements of the weather and can protect your property as well. Whether it is raining outside, snowing like crazy or if the sun is beaming on you with its UV rays, a SunVeil shade canopy will shield you from harm. Our canopies and awnings are made of the highest quality material and are backed up with a comprehensive fabric warranty. Whether you need one for commercial or residential use, Hendee Enterprises SunVeil is the shad solution for you!

For more about a shade canopy from Hendee Enterprises.

Shade Systems

Hendee Enterprises® Shade Systems Keep Plants Protected

If you are looking for the best protection for your plants, choose Hendee Enterprises Industrial Division™s shade systems . We will provide excellent protection for plants housed in greenhouses or other structures where plants grow. Our shades are durable, tough, easy-to-install and will hold up under the harshest weather conditions. Hendee Enterprises has permanent shade systems and temporary ones. Hendee Enterprises also provides Enduro Shade skylight covers that are perfect for large commercial operations or providing skylight shade in smaller homes.

For more on shade systems at Hendee Enterprises.
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