Superior Force 12 Performance During Irma

"The screens were amazing! My daughter and I were able to put them up in no time at all! They were strong and durable. My family and I even sat out on our back deck and watched the storm for a little while. When it was all over, the house didn't have any damage, thank goodness. My daughter and I were able to take the screens down and stowed away in about 5 minutes! I am so happy and pleased to know that I have sturdy and durable protection screens to put up when I need it to protect my home. My neighbors came over (because you can't have a Florida hurricane without a party!), and everyone asked me where I got them. Every person that was over took a picture of the tag on the screens! That made me happy. I hope they call y'all. I can't thank you guys enough for making such a great, durable and reliable product, but also for checking on my family after this ordeal. You guys are really great! I hope y'all are getting back to normal as well! I have attached some pictures for you as well if you want them."
Judy Nieratko

The Force 12 Product Performance During Irma

"During Hurricane Irma the nearby agricultural weather station recorded sustained winds of 70mph and there were tornadoes of about 120mph. My carport built as part of the house is like a two-car garage without any door. I purchased and had installed two Force 12 Series 500 protectors during my post-Hurricane Andrew rebuilding, one for the carport opening and the other for a large sliding glass patio door. The fabric has been stored in a plastic bin since then. For Irma, it was a little challenging to install the carport because the top railing is at 10 feet height (it is 24 feet across) but that is because I'm 74 years old, only 5'7", and not as steady on a ladder as formerly. But I did it myself in under two hours. The one covering the glass door took much less time. Large tree limbs driven by the tornadoes impacted the carport and did no damage to my pickup truck and other items just inside. Girders torn from the patio enclosure struck the fabric covering the glass door and, again, no damage whatsoever. The Force 12 product was one of the two best hurricane-protection products I ever purchased. The other is my whole-house standby generator that has been supplying electricity for the last ten days and is still going strong as power from the grid has not yet been restored. Steven Green,Ph.D. Emeritus Professor of Biology, University of Miami"
Steven Green,Ph.D.