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There are some products that need to be kept out of the environment while at the same time the environment needs to be kept out of the product. When it comes to sealing hazardous chemicals or gases, Hendee in Houston offers Industrial protection products that are designed to keep people safe from what is inside the tanks and keep the product safe as well. Tank covers are one of the many protection products offered by Hendee Enterprises Industrial Division. For more than 45 years, Hendee has provided product and service solutions that not only keep the product pure, but also protect the environment from harm. Tank covers are one of the many products Hendee Enterprises Industrial Division offers their customers under the Industrial Covers category. They also offer products for Railcar Seals and Filters as well as Industrial Filtration Products.Tank Covers

Hendee Enterprises Industrial Division tank covers are designed to fit various tank sizes and are available in antistatic or non-antistatic polyethylene film along with elastic bands that attach to the top of the tanks. The tank covers come in a variety of sizes to fit any standard size tank or can be custom made to fit. Inspectors can look through the covers while in place. This limits the contents exposure to the air while containing VOC's. In addition, Hendee Enterprises Industrial Division makes their tank covers disposable and recyclable eliminating the need for heavy metal lids, which are difficult to keep clean.

The tank covers are also available in various thicknesses. They can be purchased in either 2 mil or 4 mil film thickness. The covers come is sizes ranging from 20" up to 120" diameter. These fit tank sizes of 6" smaller diameters (i.e. 80" cover fits up to 74" diameter tank).

Hendee Enterprises Industrial Division tank covers are easy to handle, lightweight and inexpensive. Also, the antistatic film provides protection from static electricity which could result in a fire or explosion. Hendee Enterprises Industrial Division also offers mixer covers, which are made from the same material as the tank covers. The mixer covers fit the tank's top as well as the mixer head (or gear housing) and prevents VOC's and airborne contaminants from infiltrating the air. The tank covers are perfect for industries such as ink, coatings and paint manufacturers. They can also be used in food processing plants.

If you need protection for the materials in your process tanks, come to Hendee Enterprises Industrial Division and purchase our tank covers. They will keep the products pure and protect your workers from the hazardous materials within your tanks. We also offer mixer covers, drum and pail covers, tote bin covers, and utility bucket covers.

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Procure Dependable and Cost-Effective Tank Covers at Hendee Enterprises

[Posted on May 02]

In the case of some products, quality really truly matters, and this is especially the case with tank covers. Indeed, tank covers are there to prevent certain materials from entering into the environment and likewise, these covers prevent the environment from entering into materials. Undoubtedly, any breach can prove costly and dangerous; as this is the case, it’s important to procure only dependable tank covers, such as those offered by Hendee Enterprises.

Procure robust tank covers at Hendee Enterprises. Hendee is without a doubt a leader in providing companies with high quality tank and mixer covers, and this is partly because Hendee Enterprises understands the importance of protection and what could happen if a material were to be released in the environment (or if the environment were to mix with the material). As this is the case, Hendee has set up internal operational and management measures which ensure that each and every tank cover manufactured is dependable. Not only that, but Hendee Enterprises is also able to manufacture tank covers in a way that is very cost-effective for clients; thus ensuring that clients will receive a product whose quality is unrivaled and whose price is extremely attractive.

Find unbeatable customer service at Hendee! The tank cover solutions offered by Hendee are indeed high quality, but so is the customer service. The team at Hendee understands the needs of customers, and not only is it necessary to provide customers with a product that is high quality, but such a product is often needed quickly. As this is the case, Hendee is able to provide lead times which are surely better than the competition, and not only that, but the team at Hendee will be highly responsive to customers and as transparent as possible so that customers can feel fully confident that they will receive their covers on-time and without problems.

You won’t be disappointed with Hendee Enterprises! If you are interested in learning more about tank covers from Hendee, then be sure to continue browsing through the rest of the Hendee Enterprises website.  If you have any questions regarding the tank covers offered by Hendee Enterprises or perhaps Hendee’s outdoor shade solutions, then feel free to contact our company directly. We will be looking forward to answering any and all of your questions and providing you with products that are always high quality.

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