Installing Storm Panels from Hendee Enterprises Force 12™ Will Protect Your Home 

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The destruction a hurricane can cause is unbelievable. Hurricane force winds can hurl objects that normally would be harmless through the air and they can smash into your windows or doors and wreak complete havoc. Having good storm panels is one way to reduce the amount of damage your home or business could sustain in the event of a hurricane. Hendee EnterprisesForce 12™ has revolutionary storm panels that will pass the test in case a hurricane blows your way again. The Force 12™ Wind Abatement Hurricane Screens offers advanced hurricane protection beyond what you get with storm windows and storm protection accordion shutters. They are made of 100 percent polypropylene basket woven fabric, are lightweight, and have translucent screens which eliminate the claustrophobic feelings that comes with boarding up your home with plywood or metal storm panels. 

The durable material that makes up our Force 12™ Wind Abatement Hurricane Screens is designed to repel flying debris that causes damage during hurricanes. It has been tested under Category 5 conditions and can also reduce the wind velocities by as much as 97 percent. In other words, these storm panels can lower 100 mph winds to a 3 mph breeze on the opposite side of the screen. Windows are just one thing these storm panels protect. They also protect:

    * Entryways
    * Walkways
    * Glass walls
    * Balconies
    * Lanais
    * Entry doors
    * Garage doors

The Force 12™ storm panels are manufactured inside Hendee Enterprises’ state-of-the-art facility. The makers can create the storm panels to specifically fit your home or business, even if you have an odd shaped opening. They can also attach a zipper in case you need an emergency exit. 

Hendee EnterprisesForce 12™ offers these advanced storm panels in three series. The 100 Series Diamond Screen is a lightweight product that can be easily stored away when not in use, but provides huge protection when utilized. Also, the corners are reinforced for added strength.

The Force 12™ Series 500 is for those who want a strap/buckle model. It has 6,000 lb webbing attached at the loop and strap placements that reinforce it. When tensioned, these storm panels can withstand the same impact that can shatter a concrete wall.

Also, there is the Force 12™ Series 700 which is a fabric rolling screen that you can operate manually or with the push of a button. Unlike normal hurricane shutters, you just roll these up when you are not using them and deploy them when needed. 

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Featured Article:

Don’t Take a Chance; Protect Your Home with Reliable Storm Panels

[Posted on April 25]

The temperatures are going up and so are spirits, but with hurricane season right around the corner, these spirits may soon begin to fade and give way to extreme worry. However, those who are at risk for hurricane damage need not worry so much if they are sufficiently protected, and this protection can be had with high quality storm panels which can be found at Hendee Enterprises.

Many in the Houston area have relied on flimsy plywood and other questionable structures to protect their windows and homes from the forces of Mother Nature, but undoubtedly, it only takes one powerful sustained wind gust to show how inferior these structures are in the event of a big hurricane. Although plywood is a solution for hurricane protection, it certainly isn’t the best solution by far. Instead of plywood and other structures, homeowners should consider the tremendous benefits found in the high quality storm panels available from Hendee Enterprises. Hendee’s Force 12™ hurricane screens, as an example, will be able to provide superior protection for homes threatened by hurricanes. These high quality screens not only protect windows from Mother Nature, but also entryways, walkways, glass walls, lanais, entry doors, garage doors, and balconies.

Hendee Enterprises is interested in manufacturing hurricane protection products which are simply the best as the team at Hendee knows full well how tremendously damaging a powerful hurricane can be to homes, businesses, and indeed, lives in general. As this is the case, the Hendee team has designed and is able to manufacture storm panels which will protect your property from even the strongest of hurricane winds and debris.

Don’t take a chance; protect your home with reliable storm panels from Hendee Enterprises. With hurricane season right around the corner, now is the time to begin considering your hurricane protection options. Instead of choosing to protect your home with plywood or perhaps just ‘hoping for the best’, be proactive and protect your property with high quality hurricane protection from Hendee! You can learn a lot more about the storm panels from Hendee by browsing through the rest of the Hendee Enterprises website. If you find a product which you are interested in or have any specific questions regarding any of the high quality products available, then you can simply contact the friendly people at Hendee Enterprises directly by phone or email.

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