Save Cooling Energy with Enduro® Skylight Shade from Hendee Enterprises Garden Center

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Using natural light to warm things up is a cost-effective measure that many companies are using these days. Hendee Enterprises Garden Center has provided a way that companies can use natural light applications to better keep the temperature at a decent level without obstructing views. The Enduro® Skylight Shade from Hendee Enterprises Garden Center helps to reduce the solar heat collection and light intensity and results in saving on cooling energy. The Enduro® Skylight Shade has up to 80 percent screening that lets in an ample amount of light so the interior light level allows patrons to see clearly without you spending dollars on electrical lights.  Skylight Shade
The Enduro® Skylight Shade can easily attach to the skylight interior and there are no holes or screws needed. Hendee Enterprises Garden Center customizes the Enduro® Skylight Shade for each job and the cover comes with a neoprene rubber tie rope with loops at 6 inch intervals. The shade canopy is placed over the skylight and then tied and secured with the rubber tie rope. The cover can be removed during the winter times and reused for the summer.  
The Enduro® Skylight Shade has a long lifetime thanks to a patented process that weaves and heat treats vinyl impregnated polyester yarn, protecting it and interlocking it with no runs or ravels. An aluminum pigment is then added to block ultraviolet rays. The fabric is fire retardant and is available in both 80 and 63 percent shading. They also carry a five-year prorated warranty.  
Laboratory tests show that the Enduro® Skylight Shade 80 percent screen is able to block ultraviolet light by as much as 84 percent, while the 63 percent shade can block it by as much as 60 percent. This will protect carpet, furniture and even art objects from experience fading.   
Some of the applications for the Enduro® Skylight Shade include shopping malls, where the shade systems can dramatically reduce energy costs. Art galleries and museums can benefit from the Enduro® Skylight Shade because it produces natural light for exhibits while protecting them from fading at the same time. The skylights also provide restaurants with a more modern and attractive look with an outdoor shade system that comforts patrons and reduces energy costs. Industrial facilities and sensitive equipment rooms can also reap the benefits of the Enduro® Skylight Shade. Plus, they are not just for businesses. Residential areas can have them installed as well with the same amount of benefits.             
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