Hendee Enterprises Garden Center Division Has Shade Systems that Protect Your Plants

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Plants are essential to the ecology of the planet. They produce oxygen, medicine and even food. Protecting them is important to our world, so having the right kind of protection is essential. Hendee Garden Structures has shade systems that will provide superior protection for your plants whether you need a permanent structure or a temporary one.Garden Shade Systems

For permanent shade systems, a shade canopy from Hendee will make sure your plants get the right amount of sun. Also, they are durable and able to withstand challenging weather conditions such as extreme winds, heavy rain or snow loads. Not only that, but our permanent shade systems are practical economically because they will be designed to meet your specific building codes and tailor-made for whatever environmental and geographical condition your plants happen to be in. These shade systems have a sophisticated environmental control system that allows workers to use the facilities year-round. These are similar facilities that you would find with major retailers as well as regional and national nurseries.

Hendee Garden Center Structures has five different styles for permanent shade systems including

  • Greenhouses
  • Gabled Style
  • Pipe Grid
  • Triangular Truss Shade System
  • Warren Truss Shade System

If you have plants in a greenhouse, Hendee Garden Center Structures will create the perfect environment where your plants can flourish. No matter what size your greenhouse is, Hendee Garden Center Structures can design an outdoor shade that will fit it perfectly. We also have various styles of shade systems for your greenhouse and they can be installed in just about any location!

If you do not require a permanent structure, Hendee Garden Center Structures also has plenty of temporary shade systems that will meet your demands. They are inexpensive, canopy structures that are the perfect solution for seasonal applications or a transitional situation. Because we make them to be lightweight and easy to install, they can be transported easily if needed or taken down with little difficulty when the seasons change. These structures have excellent span widths, have no center column, and are economical because they are not individually engineered. When you assemble our temporary shade systems side by side, or end-to-end, they can be configured into any size or shape. Our Common Temporary Garden Center structures include five GroZone modules such as the flat style, shed style, gable style, hoop style and canopy.Hendee Shade Systems

Hendee also offers the Enduro Shade skylight shade, which is the perfect solution any environment whether it is a large commercial project or a small home. They have proven to be cost effective by reducing cooling costs, not obstructing views, prevents furniture from fading and they keep excessive heat and glares from destroying plants.

If you need shade systems that protect plants, are economical and cost effective, choose Hendee Garden Center Structures today. For more, call 1.800.231.7275 or log on to www.hendee.com.