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The heat and light from the sun is important to our survival, but sometimes too much sun can harm both people and property. If you own a business that has an outdoor area, you will need some shade structures in order to keep patrons from getting too hot or sunburned and property from experiencing fading and other types of damage. UV rays are also known to cause trouble. Shade structures from Hendee Enterprises SunVeil Structures are the very thing that will provide shade from the sun and protect your assets. 

Hendee Enterprises SunVeil Structures makes shade canopy coverings that provide shade for all kinds of outdoor areas. They can used for commercial or residential purposes. The shade structures also come with durable shade cloth that will hold up under intense weather conditions. Not only can they provide shade, but they can also protect you and your property from the rain, snow and high winds.  Shade Structures

Typically, their shade structures are used by businesses ranging from medium-sized to large. Sometimes all that is needed is a simple four-post structure and other times a complex superstructure is needed. Regardless of the size of the job, the designers at Hendee Enterprises are experienced and talented enough to meet the demands of any project handed to them. They can design shade structures in traditional designs which are perfect for covered parking areas or playgrounds. Their functionality and aesthetic appeal will work for just about any landscape. They can be made in the Pyramid style with four posts and four rafters. Or the traditional shade structures can be designed in the Hip & Ridge style which almost the same as the Pyramid except it includes two spider joints and has one ridge down the middle. 

Some other shade structures available at Hendee Enterprises SunVeil Structures are the cantilever styles. They offer the in full and semi styles. These are great shade structures for covered parking lots, bleacher covers, pools and many other options. Shade sails are another type of shade structure available at Hendee Enterprises that has a more artistic flair to it. Dress up your restaurant or playground with it and reap the benefits of having good shade with a bit of creativity.  

Commercial awnings are another type of shade structure available at Hendee Enterprises SunVeil Structures. They are great for entryways and windows. Not only can these structures provide shade, they also help reduce cooling costs dramatically. In hotter places, like Houston, canopies and awnings can help prevent your air conditioning unit from working overtime and that cuts down on high energy costs. 

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Featured Article:

No Matter Your Specific Shade Structures Need, Hendee Enterprises Will Deliver


[Posted on March 28]

Spring is here, and for Houstonians, that means hotter days and indeed, a hotter sun can be expected. Although many in Houston look upon spring and summer with glee, others may feel a little bit more reserved about the increased solar intensity as a brighter and hotter sun can have a profound effect on the comfort level of employees, customers, those who want to enjoy a public outdoor area, and others.

Although the spring and summer can sizzle, it doesn’t mean that employees, customers, and others have to sizzle uncomfortably as well. Undoubtedly, there are solutions for organizations and private individuals who are concerned about the intense Houston sun, and perhaps the most effective solution available is that of shade structures offered by Hendee Enterprises. Hendee certainly has a long history of manufacturing high quality products for public/private organizations and individuals, and in the case of shade structures, there is perhaps no company which can deliver such a product with as much quality as Hendee. Whether businesses or individuals are in need of permanent or temporary shade structures, the team at Hendee is undoubtedly dedicated to providing the customer with an extremely robust and high quality structure which will provide the right amount of protection from the famous Houston sun.

Public areas such as parks, tennis courts, swimming pools, bleachers for sporting areas, and other outdoor areas will no doubt be enhanced with high quality shade systems from Hendee Enterprises. Such structures can provide much-needed solace from the Houston sun, and on the hottest and brightest of days, these shade systems will prove their worth many times over. However, public outdoor spaces aren’t the only areas which can benefit from shade structures; indeed, businesses and even individuals can find tremendous value in a shade structure from Hendee. In the case of businesses, such structures can provide effective protection from the sun for employees and customers alike, and aside from providing much-needed protection, such structures can also be designed to enhance the appearance of the business’ exterior.

Whether you represent a public or private organization in need of effective sun protection for stakeholders, or are an individual who is interested in shade structures for your personal use, such as greenhouse structures, then you need look no further than Hendee Enterprises for the highest quality shade structures available. Contact Hendee Enterprises today for more information, or else feel free to continue browsing through the rest of our website for more information regarding the various shade structures available, such as the robust shade canopies and awnings.


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