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Finding some shade when the sun is bearing down on you can be a huge relief. Wouldn’t it be better to not only find relief in the shade, but to also have a stylized structure that also is environmentally friendly and cost effective? Hendee Enterprises SunVeil Shade Structures is capable of doing just that with their exquisite line of shade sails.

Our shade sails are functional, artistic applications from our SunVeil product line. You can find a spot under our shade sails, find protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays and have something eye-dazzling to gaze upon as well. Our team of designers are experts at their craft and can create shade sails that will highlight any commercial or residential area. They can dress up the outdoor seating area for a restaurant or provide protection for children on a playground. With UV ray resistant technology, our shade sails are the perfect tool for protecting people from the sun while not compromising beauty. Also, they are better alternatives than the traditional shade canopy styles such as metal, wood or steel structures.  Shade Sails

The shade cloth used in our shade sails is durable and has been tested to withstand harsh weather elements. They will provide shade as well as protection from the weather at a playground or an outdoor recreational area. Children can get hot running around a playground and having some shade sails around to be able to cool off is healthy and refreshing. They can be good for adults as well, especially when the summer months roll around. Some people cannot be out in the heat long and having some shade sails to rest under could help them enjoy the outdoors a little longer without missing out on outdoor activities.  

Shade sails also help reduce cooling costs for commercial and residential areas. They can help save you money on energy costs by providing a shady area where the temperature lowers. You’re A/C will not have to work as hard to keep things cool and that brings down huge electric bills.   

Hendee Enterprises SunVeil Shade Structures can custom design shade sails for you that will meet your specific needs. Whether it is color, size or style, they are ready and able to provide excellent shade for you through our line of SunVeil products. They have canopies and awnings that can be placed just about anywhere and are easy to install.

If you want good shade this summer along with some style and cost effectiveness, choose shade sails from Hendee Enterprises SunVeil Shade Structures. For more information, contact us at 1.800.231.7275 or contact us online now.


Featured Article:

Enhance Your Business and Protect Your Customers with High Quality Shade Sails

[Posted on April 18]

Improving your business and your bottom line may take a great deal of planning, organization, effort, and resources, but for some businesses, making customers happy and improving the bottom line certainly won’t take a great deal of resources or other inputs; indeed, enhancing one’s business can occur simply with a few important additions, such as high quality decorative shade sails or other shade systems from Hendee Enterprises.

With the sun becoming brighter and temperatures increasing, customers will be looking for a little bit of relief, and those businesses that procure high quality shade sails will be able to provide that much-desired relief. Shade sails, especially those from Hendee Enterprises, can provide protection from high temperatures and harmful UV rays, and not only that, but if other undesired weather elements happen to present themselves, such as rain, then these outdoor shade sails will also prove to be invaluable for a business’ patrons. However, it should be recognized that protection from the elements isn’t the only tremendous benefit found in high quality shade sails. Undoubtedly, with shade sails from Hendee Enterprises, businesses can also add a great deal of style and personality to their exteriors.

Imagine a potential customer comparing two businesses; one business with a simple façade, simple decorations, and seemingly not much visual appeal; the other business, on the other hand, has a much more decorative façade, beautiful shade sails, and a much more attractive look in general. The customer will more-than-likely choose the more attractive business- it’s survival of the fittest, and without a doubt, shade sails can help businesses to not only survive, but thrive by providing extra value to customers. Needless to say, there is no question that the high quality shade sails or other shade structures from Hendee Enterprises will be able to provide a great deal of value for your business and your customers!

Trust in the Hendee name if you believe that your business can be enhanced by beautiful and high quality shade sails! You will no doubt find that the team from Hendee Enterprises will work hard to make sure that both you and your customers are completely satisfied with your shade sails or other shade structures, so be sure to find out more by continuing to browse through the rest of the Hendee Enterprises website. Also feel free to contact us directly by phone or email if you have any questions or would like to move forward with ordering a high quality shade structure product.

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