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When you have a shade structure installed, you want the best shade cloth available installed because you never know what Mother Nature is going to throw at you. Heavy rains, a hard snow and a beaming sun with harmful UV rays can all cause damage to both people and property. However, Hendee Enterprises SunVeil Shade Structures has a shade solution that will protect people and property while adding a design element and acting as a cost effective measure as well.  Shade Cloth

Hendee Enterprises SunVeil Shade Structures makes canopies and awnings with the highest quality shade cloth. They have to be made tough in order to hold up under intense weather conditions. However, their toughness will not compromise their looks. Our canopies will retain their beauty while providing the necessary protection that you expect from a shade structure. The shade cloth in our canopies and commercial awnings has passed the test on numerous occasions and keeps customers coming back to us time and time again. 

Whether you need a shade structure for a commercial location or a non-commercial location, Hendee Enterprises SunVeil Shade Structures can accommodate your needs. Whether you need a simple four-post shade structure or a complex superstructure, we are ready to meet your demands for shade protection.    

At Hendee Enterprises SunVeil Shade Structures, we have traditional shade structures that are typically installed in commercial locations. We can make them in just about any size and styles. Commonly, you will see traditional shade structures being used for covered parking areas or playgrounds. Two types of traditional shade structures styles are available: the Pyramid and the Hip & Ridge. The Pyramid has four posts and rafters while the Hip & Ridge has four rafters a ridge in the middle and two spider joints. Both have strong shade cloth that will prove reliable in case of inclement weather. 

Full and semi-cantilever shade structures are also available through Hendee Enterprises SunVeil Shade Structures. Use the full cantilever for covering a parking lot or a set of bleachers. They have multiple uses. If you need one that has greater stability, try the semi-cantilever structure with its four-post design. 

Shade sails are another type of shade canopy that Hendee Enterprises SunVeil Shade Structures offers to its customers. These structures have a more artistic flair to them, but they have durable shade cloth as well. We offer non-commercial shade structures as well that can highlight your home, provide protection with strong shade cloth and be easily installed.    

If you want a shade structure that has sturdy shade cloth for solid protection and can be designed to your specifications, come to Hendee Enterprises SunVeil Shade Structures. For more information, call 1.800.231.7275 or contact us online now.


Featured Article:

Whether for Business or Personal Use, Shade Cloth from Hendee will Contain Unmatched Quality

[Posted on April 11]

Temperatures are soaring, and that means that staying out in the sun for a longer period of time may not be such a great idea, unless of course you happen to be working on a tan. For most others, however, being in the sun for a longer period of time is uncomfortable and in general, something which is to be avoided; in the endeavor of avoiding the sun, a high quality shade cloth will prove essential!

The sizzling spring and summer sun can make you feel like a roast turkey only after a short amount of time, and since this can be the case, it’s certainly an excellent idea for a number of businesses, organizations, and even homeowners to look into the tremendous benefits provided by high quality shade cloth products, such as the ones offered by Hendee Enterprises. Indeed, such a product, no matter for business or personal use, will ensure that much-needed protection from the sun, its uncomfortable heat, and harmful UV rays will occur. The SunVeil Shade Structures from Hendee Enterprises, such as the canopies and awnings come equipped with the highest quality shade cloth available. These robust structures perform the job of providing comforting shade and general protection from the other elements in Mother Nature’s arsenal.

Whether in need of a complex super-shade structure for your business or public area, or perhaps something a little bit simpler for your backyard, Hendee Enterprises will no doubt accommodate your outdoor shade needs perfectly and with tremendous cost-effectiveness. Hendee Enterprises has been in the business of manufacturing shade structures for quite a while now, and through the years has built up a reputation for providing customers with nothing less than complete satisfaction.

Whether for business or personal use, shade cloth from Hendee Enterprises will contain unmatched quality. The team at Hendee Enterprises will no doubt ensure that the specific shade structure that you desire will be robust, cost-effective, and ultimately, high quality, and if you are interested in learning more about the shade cloth available from Hendee, then you can simply continue to browse through the rest of the Hendee Enterprises website. Also feel free to contact Hendee Enterprises directly if you have any questions regarding any of the shade structures or other high quality products available or if you’d like to move forward with procuring a specific product.

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