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The weather can be pretty harsh sometimes on both people and property. Heavy rains, snow flurries or a hot sun with harmful UV rays beaming down on you can all be troublesome. However, having the right kind of protection can shield you and your assets from the damage dished out by inclement weather. Hendee Enterprises can help safeguard you and your property with their SunVeil Shade Structures. They will protect both commercial and residential property, as well as people, from the harmful effects of the weather. The shade cloth on our canopies is tough and the structures can also cover just about anything imaginable. Plus, they are backed by a comprehensive fabric warranty.Canopy Shade

Business owners use Hendee Enterprises ™ SunVeil Shade Structures for a broad range of applications. They provide shade when the sun is too bright, a dry spot when it is raining and they can help reduce high cooling costs as well. Hendee Enterprises can make a shade canopy in a common four-post design or as a complex superstructure. Hendee Enterprises has an experienced design team that is able to accommodate any order given to them.

The traditional shade canopy is a common type of shade system that most commercial business owners want. They are available in various sizes and styles and are perfect for:

  • Playgrounds
  • Covered parking
  • Other outdoor structures

They not only provide protection, but also add a design element to businesses. Our team is able to design a shade canopy that will be appealing to the eye and custom fit to your specific company. Our commercial awnings are something that can make entering your store a more pleasant experience for customers. They offer excellent protection from the weather as well. A common traditional style shade structure includes the Pyramid shade canopy which consists of four simple posts and rafters. There is also the Hip & Ridge which has four rafters, two spider joints and one ridge down the middle.

Hendee Enterprises SunVeil Shade Structures also offers full and semi-cantilever shade structures. The full cantilever has a unique design and can be used to cover parking lots, bleachers, swimming pools, and many other countless options. They have two posts, which opens up a lot of space while still providing lots of shade. The semi-cantilever is practically the same as the full one, except that it has four posts positioned close together for greater stability without the need for the heavier metal that the full cantilever requires. Shade Canopy

Also, shade sails are available through Hendee Enterprises SunVeil Shade Structures. These are a creative, artistic and practical shade canopies that provide limitless uses. They can cover small areas or large areas (may require six posts instead of four), but regardless of the size, they will provide protection while dazzling the eye at the same time.

Other kinds of canopies and awnings provided by Hendee Enterprises SunVeil Shade Structures include those for non-commercial uses. The non-commercial SunVeils can be installed as either a permanent structure or a temporary one. They will provide excellent UV ray protection, but at a much lower cost.

If you need a shade canopy that will look great and protect you and your property from the elements, visit Hendee Enterprises SunVeil Shade Structures today. For more information, call 1.800.231.7275 or contact us online now.