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Hendee Enterprises Garden Center has permanent structures that work great for large areas and commercial applications. Plus, their GroZone modular structures are good for temporary uses thanks to their ability to be easily installed and used for smaller spaces or residential use. Also, their greenhouses lend themselves to creating the perfect environment for your plants to grow.     Outdoor Shade
One permanent model offered by Hendee Enterprises Garden Center is the Gabled Style structure. Its roofs are made with high quality polycarbonate and have exceptional strength, durability and clarity, perfect for outdoor shade. The polycarbonate structure will not crack or split when cut or drilled and it can take an impact 200 times greater than glass. Weather conditions such as hail will not harm it. Also, it retains its outdoor shade ability with its transparency.  Its frame is made from allied structural steel tubing with a triple layer coating. It has 50,000 psi yield strength and a 55,000 psi tensile strength.  
Another one of the shade systems that Hendee Enterprises offers is the Triangular Truss System. It has been designed to provide the maximum merchandising space and is a cost effective measure that protects plants and gardening supplies from harsh weather conditions. It provides outdoor shade with a series of panels that are attached to aluminum trusses with springs. This makes them easy to install and remove when necessary.    
An economic alternative for outdoor shade for your plants is the Warren Truss Shade System. It allows for increased column spacing over a conventional pipe frame system. Also, it is a flexible system and can be designed to meet building codes or customized for your specific needs. The pipe grid is another low cost permanent structure offered by Hendee Enterprises Garden Structures. They have galvanized steel posts and fittings and the shade panels are attached with lace cords or bungees. The Triangular Truss, Warren Truss and pipe grid outdoor shade systems all come with Enduro® custom shade panels.
Hendee Enterprises Garden Center is also a great resource for temporary outdoor shade structures for your plants. The inexpensive shade canopy structures for great for seasonal applications, are lightweight and can be easily installed or disassembled. They offer the GroZone modules in different styles including flat, shed, gable, hoop and canopy styles.    
Finally, the Hendee Enterprises Garden Center greenhouses are available in various sizes and styles and can be installed in just about any location.  
If you need an outdoor shade structure to make sure your plants are protected from the elements, contact Hendee Enterprises Garden Center today. You can reach them at 1.800.231.7275 or contact us online now.