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In an industrial environment, it is imperative to make sure that the products contained within tanks or mixers are kept safe from any kind of contamination and it is equally as important to make sure the workers are protected as well. Mixer covers from Hendee Enterprises Industrial Division are designed to keep the product out of the environment and the environment out of the product. They can custom design the mixer covers to meet industrial specifications including safety. However, the bulk of the products are standard and inventoried for fast delivery. Hendee Enterprises Industrial Division develops product and service solutions like mixer covers to help keep workers safe from dangerous material and help reduce costly clean ups as well. Paint manufacturers and distributors have benefitted from Hendee Enterprises’ mixer covers, who found them to be ideal for their industry.Mixer Covers

The mixer covers are made out of similar material as Hendee Enterprises’ tank covers. Both are made of lightweight polyethylene film and elastic band to fit various size tanks. The mixer covers will fit to the top of the tank and the mixer head. This protects VOC’s and air or airborne contaminants from escaping.    
Another great benefit about Hendee Enterprises’ mixer covers is that they help keep the cleaning costs down. Heavy metal lids are commonly used, but they can cause a huge increase in cleaning costs, plus their weight can make them impractical. Also, there is a time factor because inspectors have to lift up the lids in order to inspect what is inside and this takes time, especially when dealing with dangerous materials. The mixer covers from Hendee Enterprises are see-through so inspections can be made without having to remove the covers. Another benefit is that the mixer covers are easy to handle, lightweight and inexpensive. This can make working with materials in a tank easier and reduce costs as well. In addition, they are available in anti-stat and non anti-stat.

The mixer covers can be attached to the gear housing of the mixer and the top of the tank. The covers are made in pink anti-stat polyethylene film with elastic bands for easier attachment. They are available in 2mil and 4mil thickness and black 4mil is available in certain sizes. Hendee Enterprises can custom make the mixer covers to fit just about any application.

Hendee Enterprises Industrial Division also makes tank covers, drum & pail covers, tote bin covers, and utility bucket covers. They are also makers of railcar seals and filters, and industrial filtration products. To find out more about mixer covers at Hendee Enterprises, call their Industrial Products Division at 1.800.231.7275 or contact us online now.   


Featured Article:

When it Comes to Mixer Covers, Quality is What Counts

[Posted on April 4]

Managing business operations can be difficult if certain components integral to the successful transportation and maintenance of that business’ industrial product happen to fail. Without a doubt, even the seemingly smallest of components can have a tremendous impact, and this is especially the case with respect to mixer covers, as without reliable covers, an industrial product runs the risk of being contaminated by the environment or vice versa.

If a business is in need of reliable and high quality cover solutions, then that business should look no further than Hendee Enterprises, as this established firm has a tremendous record of quality with respect to all of the products and solutions it offers, especially those of tank covers and mixer covers. Made out of quality lightweight polyethylene film, the mixer covers from Hendee can be manufactured to fit a number of different customer specifications, and no matter the size or specific specs of the cover or covers, Hendee is committed to ensuring that the customer receives mixer covers which are not only high quality, but also as cost-effective as possible and ready for delivery as soon as possible. Undoubtedly, with these covers, customers can have peace of mind in that their products will not be exposed to the environment nor the environment exposed to the product.

Customers who have relied on Hendee Enterprises for mixer covers have found that these covers are high quality, keep cleaning costs down, and ultimately, do the job they are intended to do. Indeed, with respect to mixer covers, Hendee Enterprises has built up a solid reputation of working as hard as possible to ensure that customers are satisfied with their mixer covers and/or other cover solutions. In doing so, Hendee has gone great lengths to ensure that its professional team is as responsive as possible for customers in case any questions regarding a product or solution arise. Needless to say, Hendee Enterprises is proud of the mixer covers it manufactures as well as its commitment to customer service and total customer satisfaction.

When it comes to mixer covers, quality is what counts, and if your organization is in need of a high quality mixer covers solution, then be sure to go with the solutions found at Hendee Enterprises. Feel free to browse through the rest of our website for more information regarding our mixer cover solutions as well as other high quality solutions including our high quality shade structures. Also be sure to contact Hendee Enterprises directly if you have any questions.

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