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The high impact winds of a hurricane can be ferocious. Many images have filled television screens showing the damage of what the high winds of a hurricane can do to a person’s property. Plywood and metal sheets have provided some degree of protection from flying glass and other debris, but now there is something more revolutionary that you can use. It is called Force 12™ Wind Abatement Hurricane Shutters and you can get them through Hendee Enterprises. These hurricane screens are made out of 100 percent polypropylene basket woven fabric, which is far superior to plywood, storm windows and storm protection accordion shutters. The Force 12™ hurricane shutters are strong and durable and are specifically designed to repel dangerous flying debris that often times causes damage and injury in a hurricane event. They have been tested in Category 5-like conditions and have proven to be effective in real situations as well.  Hurrice Shutters

Another benefit to having Hendee Enterprises’ hurricane shutters is that they eliminate the claustrophobic feeling that generally comes with plywood and other protective methods. With the Force 12™ hurricane shutters, you can see through their translucent screens without the fear of something flying in through the window and hurting you. Some people cannot deal with being shut it for long periods of time and the Force 12™ hurricane shutters with translucent screens can help them feel like they can keep an eye on what is going on outside without being injured.  

Another aspect of the Force 12™ hurricane shutters is that they provide hurricane protection from the wind. The hurricane shutters have unique materials that can diffuse wind velocities by as much as 97 percent. For example, a 100 mph wind velocity can be reduced to a 3 mph breeze on the opposite side of the screen thanks to the polypropylene basket woven fabric.

Windows are just one thing the Force 12™ hurricane shutters protect. You can also place them over entryways, glass walls, lanais, entry doors, garage doors and more. The designers at Hendee Enterprises can design the hurricane shutters to fit anything, even odd shaped doors or windows.  

The Force 12™ hurricane shutters come in three Series. The Series 100 Diamond Screen makes for great storm panels for your home or business. They are lightweight and easy to install and an optional zipper can be installed as an “emergency exit.” Also, the corners are reinforced, adding extra strength where the load is more severe.  

The Series 500 Strap/Buckle hurricane shutters have adjustable straps that allow you to securely fasten and tension the screen. They are also translucent and lightweight and can cover large spans such as garage doors, balconies and lanais.  

The Series 700 Rolling Shutters are a fabric rolling screen that can be permanently installed and deployed instantly either manually or electronically. They also have an adjustable track system that allows you to modify it in the field.  

If you would like to find out more about Hendee Enterprises’ hurricane shutters, call Force 12 Sales at 1.800.231.7275 or contact us online now.


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Worried About a Hurricane Destroying Your Home? Protect it with Hendee Hurricane Shutters

Living in the Houston area ultimately means having to put up with the possibility of hurricanes. One way to protect your property, possessions and receive peace of mind is to install hurricane shutters from Hendee. These shutters can defend your home against even the strongest of hurricanes.

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Worried about Category 5 Hurricanes Destroying Your Home? Receive Ultimate Protection with Robust Hurricane Shutters from Hendee!

[Posted on March 21]

Living in the Houston area means having to put up with the possibility of hurricanes during hurricane season, and although the benefits of living in the Houston area certainly outweigh the negatives including the risk of hurricanes, one can’t help but feel concerned about the chance of having a hurricane damage property and/or possessions. However, it should be recognized that protection from hurricanes and thus, peace of mind can be obtained with Hendee hurricane shutters.

The standard protection for many Houston area homeowners facing a hurricane is that of plywood or other relatively weak materials. Although such a method may protect property from weak hurricane winds, such materials will undoubtedly be no match for powerful wind and debris spewed forth by a massive category 5 hurricane. Since this is the case, it’s much better to go with hurricane protection which will be sure to prove effective even in the strongest of hurricanes. Hendee Enterprises Force 12™ hurricane screens are strong, reliable, and have been tested to withstand winds from category 5 hurricanes. These special screens are designed to repel both wind and debris, thus providing your property with maximum protection and both you and your family with much-needed peace of mind during the worst of storms.

Hendee Enterprises is a name which has become synonymous with robustness and high quality, and this is especially the case when it comes to hurricane screens and hurricane shutters as these Hendee structures can provide effective protection for entryways, balconies, lanais, garage doors, glass walls and other important areas of the home or office which could be in danger during a strong hurricane. Hendee Enterprises is certainly interested in making products which are of the highest quality and with respect to hurricane protection, Hendee Enterprises certainly rises above and beyond the competition.

Don’t wait to protect your property! Before you know it, another potentially dangerous hurricane season will be upon us, so be sure to take action now so that you can be prepared for even a powerful category 5 hurricane! Be sure to contact Hendee Enterprises today by phone or email so you can learn more about the high quality hurricane screens and shutters available, or else feel free to learn more about the robust hurricane protection products offered by continuing to browse through the rest of the Hendee Enterprises website.

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