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Hurricanes are as much a part of life along the coast as seagulls and beaches. When they do roll in, you want to be sure that you have the right kind of hurricane protection for your home or business. Many found out the hard way that plywood and metal shieldings did not always do the job. Hendee Enterprises Force 12™ Wind Abatement Hurricane Screens are an alternative solution that provides better hurricane protection than traditional plywood and hurricane shutters. Hendee Enterprises manufactures them in Houston and has for the past 10 years.Hurricance Protection

Made out of 100 percent polypropylene basket woven fabric, the Force 12 ™ hurricane screens can deflect flying debris as well as decrease the wind force that blows against your doors and windows. Debris that is picked up by hurricane force winds and hurled through a glass window can cause some of the worst kinds of damage in a hurricane event. Hendee Enterprises Force 12™ hurricane screens have been tested under Category 5 hurricane conditions and help up magnificently. Any debris that is thrown at your doors or windows will bounce off easily without causing damage or harm to you or your property. In addition, they are lightweight and translucent. This will eliminate the claustrophobic feeling that usually accompanies using plywood or metal coverings. Also, the Force 12™ hurricane screens will not cave in like metal and plywood has been known to do.

The unique material in the Force 12™ hurricane screens will diffuse wind velocities by 97 percent, meaning 100 mph winds can be reduced to a 3 mph breeze on the screens opposite side. Windows are just one of the many items the screens can protect. You can also use them to cover entryways, walkways, glass walls, balconies, lanais and garage doors.

Three hurricane protection options are available through the Force 12™ hurricane screens. These are :

  • The Series 100 Diamond Screens - They are lightweight, easy to install and provide heavy protection.
  • The Series 500 Strap and Buckle Model - Provides great hurricane protection from force winds, driving rain and prevents window breakage. It is also reinforced by 6,000 lb webbing.
  • The Series 700 Fabric Rolling Screen - It can be permanently installed and ready for instant deployment. It is also operated by the push of a button and has reinforced corners for added strength.

If you live along the coast and want good hurricane protection that is a step above traditional methods, try Hendee Enterprises Force 12™ hurricane screens. Do not let another hurricane season go by without it. For more information about Hendee Enterprises Force 12™ hurricane screens, call 1.800.231.7275 or contact us online now.

Featured Article:

Don’t Mess with Mother Nature; Choose Quality Hurricane Protection!

[Posted on March 14]

As the effects of the recent massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan continue to unfold, we are reminded once again of just how powerful and ruthless Mother Nature can be. Indeed, for Houston area businesses and residents, such power and ruthlessness are already recognized as hurricanes have caused tremendous damage in the past. However, proper preparation via high quality hurricane protection can help to mitigate the wrath of Mother Nature.

Houston area businesses and homeowners that have been ravaged by previous hurricanes must recognize that proper hurricane protection can be enjoyed with assistance from Hendee Enterprises. For a number of years, this dedicated company has been helping to protect and preserve Houston and Houston area homes and businesses during the worst of weather conditions. It’s no secret that Hendee Enterprises produces robust and high quality hurricane screens which are quite simply, head and shoulders above the competition. One such screen is that of the Force 12™ hurricane screen, which has been tested to be able to resist Category 5 hurricane winds. Furthermore, it’s important to note that the Force 12™ hurricane screens are fabricated with material which can diffuse wind speeds by as much as 97 percent! Such a screen undoubtedly boasts unmatched quality and effectiveness in hurricane protection and will surely help to prevent catastrophe if and when the next powerful hurricane hits in or near the Houston area.

Although rare, catastrophe from hurricanes can and does occur, and rather than “rolling the dice” and relying on hope that your home or business won’t be affected by a hurricane, make sure that you take the proper steps to protect your home or business from future hurricanes by looking into the hurricane screens and hurricane shutters available from Hendee Enterprises. You will certainly not regret your decision the next time a hurricane makes its way to Houston.

Gain peace of mind and a better chance at helping your home and/or business survive a hurricane with high quality hurricane protection from Hendee Enterprises! You can effectively protect your home and/or business with help from Hendee’s solutions, so be sure to contact Hendee Enterprises today to find out more. You can also learn more about Hendee Enterprises and the high quality products available from Hendee by continuing to browse through the rest of the Hendee Enterprises website.

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