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Got-a-Question Commercial awnings play a huge role in helping businesses keep their customers shaded while reducing huge energy costs, helping the environment and providing aesthetic appeal all at the same time. Just about everywhere you look, there are commercial awnings in various shapes and styles covering businesses adding color, style and protection to any patron who ventures on to the property. Finding where to get a good one is easier than you might think. 

Hendee Enterprises SunVeil Shade Structures is a maker of commercial awnings and they are dedicated to the design, fabrication and installation of various canopies and awnings for businesses.  They have 40 years of experience in creating and installing commercial awnings for all types of businesses. Seeking innovative ways to solve shading issues for businesses is a staple with Hendee Enterprises SunVeil Shade Structures and it reflects in the work they provide each and every customer.  Commercial Awnings

Commercial awnings provide protection from the sun, rain, hail, and harmful UV rays from the sun. However, they can also add a unique design element to your business as well. The designers at Hendee Enterprises SunVeil Shade Structures can create lovely commercial awnings that are tailor made to fit the on-site specifications of the client. The shade cloth can be designed to become any shape or style or color. Also, it is durable, so it can take the harshest elements of the weather such as hail or snow and it will not tear or fold up. 

Hendee Enterprises SunVeil Shade Structures can make commercial awnings that are versatile, so they can fit in with just about any type of business. For instance, they can be used for parks and recreational facilities such as:

* Bleachers
* Ball Fields
* Pools
* Picnic Areas
* Golf Courses
* Tennis Courts
* Walkways
* Skate Parks

Their commercial awnings are also used in entertainment venues such as amphitheaters, athletic facilities, arenas, pavilions, walkway covers, concert venues and more. They can also be used for schools and playgrounds, aquatic and amusement facilities, athletic facilities (such as Reliant Stadium in Houston), restaurants, retail stores, hospitals, shopping centers and office buildings. 

Finding a shade solution through our commercial awnings is a top priority with Hendee Enterprises SunVeil Shade Structures. With integrity and teamwork, they are able to completely satisfy their clients by meeting every need and then some. If you are interested in commercial awnings or shade sails, then give them a call at 1.800.231.7275 or contact us online now.


Featured Article:

Enhance Public Areas in Houston with Commercial Awnings from Hendee

[Posted on March 7]

Enjoying a ball park, swimming pool, skate park, tennis court, or other public area can certainly be difficult if the intense Houston sun or other element is bearing down on you. However, these public places can be improved with assistance from Hendee Enterprises, as this professional firm will be able to provide high quality commercial awnings which can ensure that the public stays cool and comfortable and the public area stays looking beautiful.

Without a doubt, recreational facilities can be more thoroughly enjoyed if they offer some protection from the sun and other harsh elements such as rain, and in this regard, Hendee Enterprises manufactures top-quality commercial awnings which help to both protect the public from harsh Houston elements without compromising the aesthetics of the public area. Indeed, Hendee has a tremendous amount of experience with fabricating and installing both canopies and awnings for Houston area businesses and organizations that are looking to improve the experience of their customers or the public in general while maintaining the beauty of their property. The SunVeil Shade Structures by Hendee Enterprises are without a doubt, robust and can be made to fit the particular design of just about any business or public area.

Hendee Enterprises has certainly built up a reputation among its clients for providing products which are simply head and shoulders above the competition, and with respect to commercial awnings, there is simply no other firm that will produce the kind of quality which businesses and public organizations are looking for. The team at Hendee understands its clients’ needs and the needs of those who will be using public spaces, and undoubtedly, this team is dedicated to not only meeting clients’ goals, but exceeding them, and in a manner which is cost-effective and which ensures nothing less than the highest quality.

The shade systems by Hendee no doubt have the ability to enhance public areas in Houston, and if you represent an organization which would like to improve a particular public area in Houston, then be sure to learn more about the high quality commercial awnings produced at Hendee Enterprises by contacting our firm directly by phone or email. Also feel free to learn more about Hendee and its products and solutions by continuing to browse through the Hendee Enterprises website.

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